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Top Loader - w Digital Inverter Technology, 17 kg - Samsung

by Samsung
Original price R 10,799.00 - Original price R 10,799.00
Original price
R 10,799.00
R 10,799.00 - R 10,799.00
Current price R 10,799.00

WA17T6260BV Washer with Digital Inverter Technology, 17 kg

Wobble Technology
Prevents clothes from getting tangled and damaged. Wobble technology provides gentle fabric care. Its Wobble pulsators generate a dynamic and multidirectional wash flow that prevents tangles and knots. It also delicately cleans and completes your garments with its highest washing power.
Digital Inverter Technology
Enjoy greater energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. Digital Inverter technology uses powerful magnets for more efficient performance, but consumes 40% less energy * than a universal motor. Plus, it offers exceptional durability, backed by a 10-year warranty.

Magic Dispenser
Wash without worrying about residual soap. The Magic Dispenser creates a powerful swirl of water. Dissolves liquid and powdered soap and disperses it evenly before the wash cycle begins. This keeps the soap box clean and minimizes the risk of residue on your clothes. 

Powerful softener
Make sure your clothes smell better for longer. The powerful softener option maximizes the effect of the softener and improves the rinse algorithm. This way, the fragrance lasts longer with the same amount of fabric softener. This reduces waste, as there is no need to increase the normal dose or add a soak cycle.

Magic Filter
Remove unsightly stains from your white and dark clothes and protect your drain from clogging. The Magic Filter feature collects strands, lint and debris from garments so they always look spotlessly clean. Plus, it's easy to empty so you can keep running it efficiently.

Ecological drum cleaning
Now you can keep your top load washer sparkling clean, go green, and save money at the same time. The eco-friendly drum cleaning cycle removes dirt that can build up on the drum and around the door seal without the need for harsh or expensive soaps. Plus, it automatically alerts you when you need a cleaning.